Know About Infrared Sauna: Where You Leave with a Smile

The concept of Sauna has emerged from the traditional Finnish bathing system. Both the traditional “heat bath” and the “bathroom” are abbreviated as sauna. As such the sauna is a small room to accommodate a maximum of four persons standing or lying, and the room is given controlled heat and humidity to make the bathers highly perspire. This makes the body rejuvenating and free from many known diseases. These days, instead of traditional saunas, experts in this field have gone more innovative and using Infrared Sauna. In this sauna bathing system, infrared heaters are used in controlled ways to emit infrared lights. These Infrared lights are absorbed by the bather’s skin, thus making his or her body heated up and perspire profusely. This comparatively new system of Sauna bathing is considered as more beneficial than the traditional one.

Infrared sauna benefits:

There are innumerable benefits of infrasauna. It helps to extirpate many chronic ailments from a bather’s body. One must take Infrared Sauna in proper ways as instructed by an expert to get maximum benefit out of it:

· It’s a great way to drain toxins from the body through sweating. It’s proven that this kind of sauna bathing is highly effective in draining more toxins than sweating out, which occurs during normal exercises. Sauna is really helpful for those who can’t sweat by exercising due to health-related problems.

· It’s considered as the most effective method of energy expenditure and weight loss. Experts opine 30 minutes infra sauna bathing is capable of consuming almost 300Kcal of energy. Thus, a good quantity of energy is exhausted leading to significant weight loss.

· Infra Sauna is found to relieve one from many kinds of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis. People who take regular infra sauna feel less pain in joints and show higher muscular capacity. Physically, they have higher energy and can work for longer hours without fatigue.

Features of Infra Saunas available:

Companies manufacturing and supplying Infrared Saunas offer different types of saunas having different accommodation facility and working procedure. Depending on the wavelength created to heat up the bather’s body, infrared saunas are differentiated into three heads, viz. far, middle and near infrareds. Most of the manufacturers market far-infrared and near-infrared saunas. Again, each of these types of saunas is available in different categories depending upon the number of bathers accommodated. Check out JNH LIFESTYLES.

· Types – Companies manufacturing saunas supply classic and deluxe types of Far-Infrared saunas where maximum four bathers can take sauna bath depending on the type of sauna chosen.

· Heating Mechanism – Heating element for a sauna is used by the manufacturers depending on the type of infrared required, cost of the heating element and efficiency of the element. There are three types of heating element popularly used in Infra saunas, viz. ceramic infrared heaters, and carbon fiber infrared heaters.

· Manufacturing element – Companies manufacturing saunas mainly use cedar woods and other types of natural woods. These woods possess natural oils, which protect the construction from insects and early deterioration. Nowadays, many other types of materials, especially metals are used for constructing saunas.

Price of an Infrared Sauna depends upon all these above-mentioned features. Companies producing infra saunas are delivering high-quality products over the years. Read more at