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It is normally a heart wrenching experience to know that one of your loved ones or friends is battling drug addiction. As much as no one likes to be associated with drug addicts, it is very wrong to abandon them when they need you most. A good way to be there for them is to help them seek treatment.  Drug Treatment Network can help you – they find the appropriate drug rehabilitation facility to suit your friend or loved one. They have a host of drug rehab New Jersey facilities to choose from and will offer you the guidance you require so you can make the most suitable choices. It is a long road to recovery, but it always begins with the first step.

Drug Rehab New Jersey

What should you look for in a Drug Rehab Center New Jersey facility?

The programs should be accredited and licensed: the treatment programs that are offered in the drug rehab center New Jersey facility should be state licensed and accredited. This is so that as a patient, you are treated using conventional methods that are known to be successful.

Statistics: whichever drug rehab center New Jersey has that you choose, it should have statistics showing their rehabilitation success rates. This is beneficial so that you are sure that your loved one will make a full addiction recovery using the same services.

After care services: the drug rehab centers New Jersey patients normally trust have elaborate after care recovery programs. Rehab patients should have follow up recovery sessions to make sure that they do not go back to using drugs due to being in denial.

Types of Drug Rehab New Jersey treatment programs

1.       Residential treatment:  in this program, the patient lives at the rehabilitation facility receiving intensive treatment. It normally lasts between thirty and ninety days.

2.       Partial hospitalization: in this program the patient requires ongoing medical monitoring but is normally in a stable living condition. It requires the patient to attend treatment sessions three to five days a week dedicating between four and six hours each day.

3.       Intensive outpatient program: this program requires a high level of commitment since you do not live at the rehab facility. It is tailored for those patients who have been off drugs for a while. It is geared to help them not return to drugs. The patient is required to attend two to four hour sessions thrice a week.

4.       Counseling:  this program is tailored for individuals or groups. It should be done in conjunction with other treatment types. It is very beneficial since it helps the patient identify the root cause of drug use. It also helps him/her have better relationships and learn ways to cope with his/her situation.

5.       Living sober: This program normally follows residential treatment. The patient will live with other recovering patients in a drug free environment. It has been found to benefit those who have nowhere to go after rehab or those who do not trust themselves fully while alone.

6.       Brief intervention: This is a program suitable for those at risk of drug abuse and addiction. Normally a health professional discusses the disastrous effects of drug abuse and gives advice on how to prevent addiction.

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