Advantages of yoga and mindfulness for Wellington inhabitants

Is mindfulness the solution to resolving the matter of city stres?. In Wellington, there are far more buses and vehicles on the road than ever, and increased noise, pollution and congestion. Life can get even tougher here if you don’t have adequate space, or if you are enduring difficult financial conditions. Stress pushes us to evolve as a way to adapt to our surroundings, but in many cases people turn to unhealthy options like overeating or alcoholism as a means to cope.

Some might tell you to take advantage of Wellington’s spectacular nature spots as a means to decompress. For example, the Botanic Garden is immersed in beautiful flora while offering some decent vistas of the city. Then there’s the Wellington Waterfront, a perfect place for watching people and cage-hopping. For a deeper plunge into nature, Otari-Wilton’s Bush is a fantastic area for hiking amind the clam sounds of nature.

However, emerging research and popular opinions suggest that beautiful nature in urban centers is only one component of relieving stress. As humans, we need more than places to relax. There’s an increasing belief that turning inwards may be important. Turning towards mindful practices might help bring the body and mind into equilibrium, especially among the mayhem of big towns and cities like Wellington.

The way mindful yoga arose in Wellington

The shift towards inner awareness began in Wellington during the Nineteen eighties, when Wellington residents began coming back from places like India and Tibet to teach the knowledge that they learned in ashrams and spiritual centers. Since few were experts, many began to experiment. Some discovered the advantages of combining mindfulness with asanas, into something often called “mindful yoga.” This is how yoga teachers across New Zealand began teaching their students to apply traditional Buddhist mindfulness, through various kinds of yoga.

These kinds of mixed classes were a big hit. They teach students to bolster awareness in the moment, which can be a great help when dealing with the tensions of urban life.

Taking mindful yoga lessons in Wellington

As Buddhist mindfulness awareness hit the mainstream in New Zealand, many started to understand how mindfulness techniques could enhance hatha yoga practices, even for beginners. This opened the floodgates so that mindfulness was seen less as a religious practice and more like one for non-religious folks.

To give an example, Te Aro Astanga Yoga is a popular Wellington yoga studio. There, teachers use mindfulness during their lessons to identify energy blocks in their students. As a person goes through asanas, the mindful teacher will take note of any difficulties and then work directly with the student to address what could be an energy or mental block. This is just a small example about how mindful yoga evolves in tune to the evolution of both student and teacher.

In the context of combining yoga with mindfulness, the good thing about mindfulness is that it goes beyond yoga styles. Once you learn the basics of mindfulness, you can apply it in any type of yoga class. At Te Aro Astanga Yoga, instructors seem confident that blending mindful techniques into their yoga classes helps their students to manage their stress levels while gaining focus to enhance all parts of their lives in Wellington.